Web Design

We offer web design services for every class, be it individual, small business or large enterprises. Whatever your design needs, we work closely with our clients to bring that website to life. Your website could range anywhere from personal blogs to eCommerce.  We have your back.

Enterprise Application Development

We use industry tested languages like Java, C#, python etc to deliver enterprise software. Our UI team will work closely with you in order to present you with a professional, aesthetic as well as easy intuitive UI making the learning curve  almost non-existent.

Mobile application Development

With the wave of smartphones, no time is better than now to bring that new idea into that handheld device. With our experience with the two major players in the game, Android and iOS, you are assured you made the right choice. 

Network Installation and Maintenance

We provide IT infrastructure and Network Installations, providing IT Support and installation for voice, data, video, and wireless solutions. We install standard office drops, remote locations connected by direct fiber, as well as wireless connectivity from building to building.

Cloud Computing

We implement cloud computing services from Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Cloud computing is the future of business infrastructure as this relieves small and medium businesses from the role of providing all layers of infrastructure. We implement IaaS, PaaS and SaaS for our clients.

Graphic design

Our Team of Graphic Designers know the importance of designing attractive and powerful logos to enhance your visibility and recognition. Also, 3D image services are also available to project your brand even more.

Database Installation and Maintenance

In any business, small or large, the importance of  data cannot be overemphasized, likewise the maintenance and protection of it. That is why we offer installation, consultancy and maintenance services for Industry standard Databases like Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MSSQL.